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Wide : 3.00 m length : 6 m high : 2.5 m
Wide : 3.00 m length : 12 m high : 2.5 m
   Consist of prefabricated iron and standardize protection from rust. Moreover, mobility is easy asy.
 Wall is made of 2 inches of undulation plate thickness which Polystyrene is in the middle.
   Moreover, the mentioned material is a nonconductor.

Roof structure

   Roof structure is made from hot ironing and galvanized. Wall of roof outside is aluzinc metal sheet  
   0.44 mm.


   Ceiling is made from flat plate.


   Floor used Viva Board (thick: 16 mm.) and covered with rubber tile flooring.


   Door is finished plate. (The door frame is 0.80x2.00m.with doorknob key.)

   Steel window with jambs (size 0.70 x 0.90 m) 
           Container (3 x 6 x 2.5) 2 windows
           Container (3 x 12.2 x 2.5) 4 windows

Electrical equipment single phase

   - Fluorescent Lamp 2 x 36 watt 
   - Load sensor 30 amp 
   - Plug 10 amp 
   - Air conditioner (18000 BTU) 
   - Exhaust fan (8 inch) 
   - Switch 15 amp 
   - Breaker 30 amp 
   - Sanitary ware (restroom size : 1.20 x 1.20 )

>> The benefit of Customer
Sale & Rent
Good Material and standard (provide multiple storage solutions that offer flexibility, mobility, as well as the best security available)
easy mobility(to pick up, move around and drop Container are available for you)
Cheap and save cost.and save cost.
Control the temperature.
Protect the environment and save the world.
Nationwide transport solutions.
mobile container
mobile office
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